Building an online business to 7 figures

In january 2018 a product is coming out, that will disrupt the internet marketing space. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are releasing the 7 figure cycle online training course.

The system is a unique business model, that lets you create what they call profit cycles. Up to 26 times per year. Every two weeks you can turn around a sum of money at a 50%+ profit margin.

Everything is done on the amazon FBA system, which keeps things easier and the investment small.

We don’t have much information so far, but be on the lookout, because this is something you don’t want to miss.

For the full video lesson at, you can go here.

Here is the sources you should follow if you are interested in building a 7 figure business cycle:

This SUBreddit has a lot of information and keeps getting updated. There are also a few Facebook pages on the subject, but we think this one is the best.

There is a good youtube channel you can follow here  or connect with the author on LinkedIN. He also has this twitter account.

Maybe also try to follwo David Martin on google+. or on twitter.



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